Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 10 - What I Have Learned So Far

God has really spoken to me through this study of Nehemiah. I am really amazed at what I have been learning and what God is showing I need to change in my personal life. One of the main themes that continues to come back to me is the importance of putting a greater emphasis of prayer and time spent with God. Over the last year, I have noticed that my Bible study, prayer life, and time alone with God have been slipping severely. I have also noticed how much that has affected everything around me. If I don’t build my spiritual walls up, many fears, distractions, and annoyances come in and keep me from accomplishing the task that God has set before me. Those issues would have all still been there, but they would not have created the road blocks that I allowed them to create. I don’t want to just have good ideas and intentions, I want to complete the tasks set before me.

What do I need to do? I need to recognize the spiritual giftings that have been given to me and ask how God wants to use me. I need to use the resources that God has placed before me such as supporting and praying friends to keep me accountable and motivated. I need to spend serious time with God and LISTEN. I need to be prepared for the unexpected by spending time in the Word and praying.

I told one of my dear friends and prayer partners that God was taking me on this journey for something so much more than praying for my family. I knew that my family needed prayer; however, I also knew that God had some lessons to teach me and remind me. He is so patient! As I have struggled throughout this process to spend adequate time with Him, He has brought friends my way to call or e-mail me and encourage me. Even today, as I have struggled with motivation, He had a friend ask me how I was doing on this task. Thank you dear friends as you have prayed with me and for me through this process. I know that I am not done with Nehemiah, but I needed to reflect on where God has taken me so far.

Things I Learned So Far:
· Rebuilding ancient ruins takes more than one person – it requires cooperation
· Building requires preparation and planning
· Building requires motivation
· We need to be prepared for the unexpected
· To finish the job, we need to focus on God rather than fear and intimidation

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