Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 5 - Cooperation

Nehemiah 3

As I am writing this blog, there is a house being built by Extreme Makeover Home Edition nearby. We have watched this show as a family; touched by the stories and amazed that the team builds a house in seven days. I’m not talking about an average sized home, these homes are often 3,000 square feet or larger. One week! When do you ever see a home built in one week? This task is not accomplished by the design team, although they are the people carrying the vision; it is not even accomplished by the builders. This task is accomplished because an entire community becomes involved and gets the job done.

Just like the homes that are featured on Extreme Makeover, the wall in our story was in disrepair and probably had to be removed in spots before it could be repaired. We saw in chapter 2 that Nehemiah had planned it out and came before the citizens of Jerusalem to share his vision for rebuilding the wall. The city was motivated and was ready to work; however in chapter 3, we see that more than just those living in the city were working on the wall. This became a national event. We see individual names listed in this chapter, but we see references that people from the surrounding regions came to help. Priests, men, sons, daughters, goldsmiths, farmers, rulers – they all helped to get the wall built. You can see how individuals or small teams built and repaired small sections of the wall. No one part of the wall was more important than the other because if one section of the wall was broken, their entire security was at risk.

I do find it interesting that it is mentioned in verse 5 that the nobles of Tekoa would not help. We are not told why, but I have to admit that I wonder if the job seemed too menial for them. That goes against what God tells us. There really is no lesser job when we are working and cooperating towards a goal. A church needs volunteers to run. Yes, the churches have pastors and other staff, but the work cannot be completed by only them. Ushers are needed to greet people at the door, instrumentalists and singers are needed to help lead worship, small group leaders are needed in children’s ministry, and I could go on. Is there a para-church organization that needs help in your community? Have you spent time praying for your family, church, and community? Imagine the possibilities if every person in your church became a small part in a bigger project. It would change the world! How are you going to change the world today?

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