Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 17 - Moving In

Nehemiah 11: 1 – 12 : 26

Having recently uprooted our family and moved from one state to another as we felt God calling us to move, I can say that moving is not easy! It requires a lot of planning and organization, packing, and patience; and moving is very emotional. While we were excited for what God was doing in our lives by calling us to move, we were also very sad to leave our church, friends, and community behind. At least we have email and Facebook to stay connected with all our friends. I can tell you now that staying put is so much easier than moving, but God is not static and He may not require us to move physically, but he requires spiritual movement.

I noticed that the first couple of verses in chapter 11 tell us that very few people volunteered to live in Jerusalem once the wall was built. We are not told why they were hesitant to move in, but Nehemiah had the people cast lots to see who was moving in. My commentary mentioned that maybe they didn’t want to uproot their family, or maybe people in Jerusalem were ridiculed because of their trade practices, or perhaps they knew they would need to follow the Law more closely. Personally, I can understand the uprooting issues. Moving is uncomfortable and requires change.

When we are living in obedience to God, He is always requiring change from us. He is moving us out of our comfort zones and bringing us to a greater compliance to His will and drawing us closer to Him. Obviously, God made a spiritual move a physical move for me, but He is also moving me in other ways. He has called me out of my comfort zone by fasting while doing this Bible study; He has also called me out of my comfort zone by publicly posting what I have been learning through this process. While the lessons have sometimes been hard to hear, to know that it will bring me that much closer to Him also brings me tremendous joy!

What is God moving you to do? Listen to His call!

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