Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 18 - Incredible Praise

Nehemiah 12: 27 – 47

Everyone has different preferences for worshipping God because we are all wired very differently. For me, music is an essential part of worship; I enjoy singing and playing instruments while worshipping God. This particular section of scripture really spoke to me because I could picture the scene in my mind. Nehemiah had the priests and Levites purify themselves then purify the people, the gates, and the wall. After that, Nehemiah had set up a celebration like the people had never seen. He had two choirs singing and rejoicing along with instruments along and on the wall. The building of this wall was a miracle, and the people had a lot of reason to celebrate. Not only was Jerusalem physically secure, but it also seemed to represent God’s provision and security. I’m sure this celebration was heard for miles as the Israelites let themselves worship God completely.

Have you ever let go of everything around you and allowed yourself to worship God completely? It is such a beautiful gift to give to God and such a moment of divine intimacy. We have so much to give thanks to God, yet how often do we truly go before Him and worship Him for all He has done? Aside from thankfulness, He is God! Do we need any other reason to lift praises to Him? If you are having a bad day or week or year, it can be hard to find a thankful heart, but you can worship Him for who He is. He is the Creator, He is the One and Only God, He is our Healer, He is the God Who Hears, He is the King of Kings, He is our Strength, He is our Peace, He is our Savior, and He is so much more. He loves you, and He knows your name. What other reason do you need to worship Him now?

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