Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 9 - Share the News

Luke 2 : 8 – 20

God could have chosen anyone to spread the news about Jesus’ birth, but He chose to tell the shepherds living in a field near Bethlehem. There was nothing wrong with being a shepherd; in fact, David showed us in the Old Testament that sometimes a shepherd needed to be brave in order to face some of the many threats to their flock. But, no one living in the town was given the privilege the shepherds were given; even the priests didn’t have the knowledge that the Messiah had been born. I noticed in reading this story, the shepherds didn’t waste any time going to see the baby they were told about. They then shared their joy with everyone they saw.

I think it is just like God to pick shepherds to share in the joy of Christ’s birth when Jesus often referred to himself as our shepherd. Who better to spread the word of the Great Shepherd than other shepherds? In John 10 : 1 – 18, Jesus explains His role as our shepherd. He explains that the sheep know the shepherd’s voice, and that the shepherd would lay down his life to save his sheep. How great is our Savior’s love for us that He chose to lay His life down for us!

Now, God uses us to share the news of Jesus and eternal life. He could use angels, or He could even come down here Himself; but He wants to use us! Just as the shepherds spread the news to everyone they knew, God wants us to spread the news. There are a lot of people who do not know the significance of Christmas. What a perfect time to share with people how this precious baby grew to save all of us!

This is a busy season; please don’t forget the joy of the birth of our Savior. Have you shared the joy of His birth with anyone?

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