Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 22 - Faith A Little Late

Hebrews 11:32, Judges 4:1-24

Upon reading the story of Deborah and Barak, I found it very interesting that he was listed in the hall of faith. When I first reviewed the story, I noticed how Deborah prophesized that Barak would not get the glory of getting Sisera, but a woman would. Then in Judges 4:21, we read that a woman (Jael) killed Sisera. So why was Barak listed in the hall of faith?

Barak was told that he would not have the honor of killing Sisera because he insisted that Deborah go with him otherwise he would not go. We don’t know where his heart was, but it seemed by that statement that he needed more than God’s word that God would be with him. But later in the story (verse 14-16), we read that Barak went on his own and defeated Sisera’s troops. That time, he didn’t ask Deborah to go with him when she gave him the command. Somewhere, it seems that Barak may have had a change of heart and began to believe that God would be with him. Perhaps he was beginning to let God help him overcome his unbelief. He still did not get to defeat Sisera himself, Jael killed Sisera, but he got to experience an incredible victory over Sisera’s troops.

I think this story shows how God can see a change of heart and will bring redemption. I think of times that I didn’t obey and later changed my mind. Things probably would have turned out different if I would have trusted God in the first place, but there was still victory when I did end up following in obedience and faith. When we don’t trust God, we will pay a penalty of some sort but we can turn it around and walk in obedience. God may have had an outcome that would have been far greater if we would have believed from the beginning, but He can still give us victory when we step out in faith. Our consequence is never finding out what God really wanted to give us.

Is there an area where you have been disobedient because of a lack of faith? Trust God! You may not have the victory that God wanted you to have, but through Him, you can still taste victory.

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