Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 9 - The Talents

Matthew 24:14-30

This parable is about a man who goes on a long journey and gives three of his servants a certain amount of money to keep. The amount was different for each man, according to his ability. When he came back, the servant with the most doubled the money as did the second servant. The third servant hid his money and did nothing with it. The owner was angry and took the money from him and gave it to the one with the most. This parable isn't just about money; it is about us and what we do with what God has given us.

We are each given something that we can use for God; it could be an artistic talent, an administrative ability, or any other skill. Everything God gives us can be used to glorify Him and to be used for His kingdom. The amount we are given isn't the point; in fact Jesus tells us in the parable that each was given to his own ability. I think that means that God is going to give us what we are able to work with. The point is God expects us to do something with what we are given; we are not to sit quietly with a gift and hide it.

I have been in church long enough to realize that there are a lot of talented people sitting in the pews who do not use their skills while they are there. There are people who are gifted in hospitality who could be greeting visitors each week. There are people who are good with money; they could be sharing their understanding with other people or helping keep the church's finances in order. There are people who are excellent organizers who could be using their skills to organize an event. There are people who enjoy cleaning and they could helping to keep the church clean. I could go on; God gave each of us skills that He want us to share and grow. You may feel that your abilities are too small to be used; that is not true! Even if you are helping cut pictures for the children's ministry, you have just saved someone else time to work on something else. God sees everything you do and is pleased when you use what He has given to you for Him.

Are you using what God has given to you for Him? If you are unsure of what you can do, check with your church; they may have a class or program that helps you find where you can be used. Go be used by God!

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