Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 12 - In the Vine

John 15:1-17

If you read my welcome, you can see that an apple tree, when given to grow with no intervention, will bear fruit that is not worth eating. In fact, for many years the fruit from the apple tree was only used to make hard cider; it was rare to find an apple worth eating. Even the “antique” apple varieties are edible because of human intervention. If my information is correct, every apple that is sold in the store or grown in an orchard has had their genetic structure altered in some way. It is only through intervention that the apple tree consistently bears good fruit. Today we are going to read how it is only through Christ that we can bear good fruit. He is the true vine that produces the heavenly fruit.

Please read John 15:1-17 and absorb how important it is to remain in Christ. Yesterday, I wrote about Christ’s command to love each other. One thing that I noticed very clearly was how many of the scriptures that support God’s desire for us to love others were focused on believers loving each other. This section of scripture focuses on the only way that we are able to love others; it is only by remaining in the vine of true life – Jesus Christ! I don’t know if you noticed, but Jesus uses the word love several times in these verses. In fact, verses 9-17 mention love nine times! When we show love to others, we show that we belong to Christ. Jesus tells us that if we are not part of Him, we will not bear good fruit; “Apart from me you can do nothing,” verse 5b. Reading through these verses, we can see that bearing good fruit is important, but the one fruit that was mentioned nine times was love; showing us how important the fruit of love is. I will study how God defines love tomorrow and you will see how love truly binds all the other fruit together.

When we become a part of God’s family our spiritual genetic structure changes. Please look up Psalm 51:10. David wrote how God could give him a new heart – not a changed heart. The word create is used. When we are grafted into the vine, we are a new creation with a changed genetic structure. We can now bear the fruit that that is part of Christ’s genetics! Our old self (our old human seed) is no longer a part of who we are now. Christ has given us every ability to love, we just need to use the power to love given to us by remaining in the vine. How do we remain in the vine and grow in our walk? We read the Bible daily, we pray, we form spiritual friendships with people that will encourage us in our spiritual walk, we serve others, and we obey God. God has given us all the tools to grow and bear His fruit.

Are you living a life that is growing on the vine?

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