Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 32 - Wrap-Up

This study on the parables of Jesus was such a wonderful study to do during Lent! I feel that God spoke to my heart and convicted me in areas where I need to change. Isn’t it amazing how the same section of scripture can have new dimensions during different seasons of our lives and as we grow in our relationship with God? It seems amazing that God can implant so many applications in one story, but it is a wonderful reminder that our God is not linear. He puts application in for every listener. Oh, how I am thankful that God loves us so much that He fashioned the Bible to fit every reader!

There were some themes that seemed to come up often during the study on the parables that I would like to finish with:

  • I find it interesting that God led me to start my study with the parable of the seeds. He opened this study to remind me that how I choose to accept His Word in my life will affect my walk with Him. It helped prepare my heart to listen to Him.
  • Several parables were about the Kingdom of God. Jesus pointed out that God’s kingdom was in the body of believers. We were to experience life together differently by sharing God’s love.
  • Jesus pointed out that our faith was not a one-time commitment, but it was an on-going process in which we grew through serving God by serving others.
  • Another theme that came up often was the fact that we needed to watch what motivated our actions. Are we acting in obedience for a reward, or are we obedient because we love God? I think that thought process is an easy trap to fall in if you have been Christian for a long time.
  • We also need to watch our attitudes with how we compare ourselves to others. God is the only One with whom to compare ourselves.
  • We need to keep our eyes open to the needs around us and act on them!

With that last thought in mind, let us observe Good Friday remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. There is nothing that can compare to His love that is so great that He died on a cross to accept our punishment. He is perfect, without sin, yet He carried our sins to the cross. Can we really accept such a gift of love and then not share it with others around us? Jesus saw our need for a Savior before we understood and He met our deepest need. Can we really close our eyes to the needs around us and believe that we are doing what Jesus would do?

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