Monday, April 5, 2010

He Is Risen!

I would like to take the time today to celebrate the incredible sacrifice and miracle that happened thousands of years ago so we could have eternal life! Have you taken the time to reflect on what Jesus has done for you? He who was absolutely perfect with no sin died for us and rose again on the third day. Please take the time today to thank God for His amazing love and mercy.

I know that without Him I would be a mess. I am who I am only through the resurrection power of Christ. His resurrection is life changing and life giving. God is perfect, and not one of us is perfect. We have all sinned. On our own, we cannot be with God because of our sin; however, God wants to be with us. Because He loves us so much, He made a way to wipe away our sins. He sent Jesus to sacrifice, even though He is perfect, and take our punishment of death for us. Because Jesus conquered death and rose again, we are now given the gift of eternal life! We just need to believe this is true and accept the gift He has already extended to us!

Have you given your life to Christ and accepted His wonderful gift to you?

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