Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 3, Day 3 - Honest Questions

Isaiah 55:8-9

For the last two days I have studied the importance of honesty in our prayers to God. I found that when we are honest with who we are and honest with our emotions, we can grow in our relationship with God. I also studied and found that our honesty is not for God’s benefit because He already knows everything about us; it is for our own benefit. Today, I want to study the idea of asking honest questions. God is not afraid of our questions, in fact I think He expects questions. His ways are not our ways so we are going to have a lot of questions as a result. Please look up Isaiah 55:8-9.

God tells us in verse 8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.” God knows so much more than we do and His perspective is so different than ours. He is the creator that knows all, and that means He is going to act in ways that will just not make sense to us. That also means that we are going to be stumped with why God does things the way He does and we are left with the question “why.” Job suffered greatly and admitted that he did not understand why his life was falling apart. In Job chapters 26-31 Job declares his innocence when his friends insisted that he was suffering because of deep rooted sin. He asks God the question “why.” When God answers him in chapters 38-41, He does not answer the question “why;” however, He reminds Job who He is. He points out to Job that He has the world under control as its creator and He cares and knows about everything He made. He points out details about His creation and shows Job that He knows all. Through this interaction between God and Job, Job suddenly sees himself in a new light. Please turn to Job 42:1-6 and see Job’s declaration and repentance. “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.” When we read on to finish the book of Job, God restored his life and he ended up with more than what he had before.

Something I want to note here is that when we read of people who are very emotional before God and ask Him difficult questions we don’t read about how God destroyed them for asking. There are times in life when we have difficult questions like why do I have a friend that has had to deal with more in her short life than most people deal with in an entire lifetime. Why are there innocent children growing up in utter poverty and starvation in Africa? The important thing is do you still trust that God knows what He is doing at the end of the day? No one ever said that faith was easy and I believe that faith brings us to difficult questions. It is okay to express your questions to God; you just may not get the answer you were expecting. Job didn’t get the answer to the question “why,” but he was reminded that God is in control and knows more than we can ever imagine. What we can a wonderful hope is the fact that God’s way is not our way and that His way is better. Please look at Hebrews 11:40. “God has something better planned…”

Do you feel like you can ask God why? Do you trust that He knows all and knows what is best? Do you believe that God has something better planned?

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