Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 1, Day 2 - Seeking God's Direction

Acts 1:12-23

During my prayer study and yesterday starting Acts, I wrote how I have learned that we need to wait on God’s timing for an answer. Sometimes; however, we find ourselves in a situation where we have to make a difficult decision immediately, such as after interviewing candidates for a job a decision needs to be made. The blessing we have with our amazing Father is that He understands our timing just as well as He understands His own timing. He understands that there are things on earth that need immediate attention and He helps us through those times. We left off yesterday with Jesus telling the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to empower them, and today we pick up with them coming down from the Mount of Olives together. Please turn to Acts 1:12-23.

In verses 13-14 we read that they gathered together and were “constantly in prayer.” They didn’t know what they were facing or what was next, so they immediately turned to prayer; after finishing my look at prayer, I can appreciate this! I know I have been there asking God, “What’s next? Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?” During this time of prayer, Peter felt it was important to organize a little bit and said that it was time to replace Judas, who betrayed Jesus. I do have to chuckle a little because it almost seemed like a job interview as they chose who should fill the spot. They had some criteria that the person needed to fit, and the disciples used those criteria to narrow it down to two candidates. Isn’t that what we do when we’re filling a job opening? Sometimes when we are in spot like this, we find a few people that could equally do the job that needs done, but a choice needs to be made. They didn’t make the choice on their own; once again, they turned to God through prayer. This was a situation where they saw an immediate answer to their prayer so they could make a decision that couldn’t be left hanging.

Don’t you love how God can appreciate and understand that we do have some circumstances that require an immediate answer? Our Father has a timing that is all His own; timing that we will never fully understand on earth, yet He still sees our need in our timing as well? Doesn’t that just make you love Him all the more? I do think that sometimes we have needs that we feel require immediate attention, and God makes us wait. Those spots can be difficult, but they can also be times of great growth spiritually. It is later when we can see that God, as always, has the best timing when He chooses to move His hand. I am so thankful that we have a Father that knows the best course of action! I am so thankful that our God cares enough to know when we need help now.

When it is time to organize, we can trust that God will lead us in the right direction. We just need to turn to God in prayer; remember the disciples did not go into this decision blindly. Are you trusting and turning to God when a decision needs to be made?

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