Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 2, Day 2 - A Common Place

Acts 3:11-26

There always seems to be a common place for people to “hangout” in our workplace, community, church, etc. Conversations at these places can range from gossip to political or religious discussion. I think when we go to the popular hangout place, we need to be careful of how we engage in the conversation; we need to be careful not to join in the gossip. I want to look at how Peter and John used the hangout to tell others of Christ and how he used an opportune moment to do so. Please read Acts 3:11-26.

Please remember that this is an extension of the story we looked at yesterday when God used Peter and John to heal the beggar. Keep in mind that the beggar was making a scene, “walking and jumping and praising God.” The people who saw him were amazed. In verse 11 we see that the people ran over to the place where Peter and John were which was called Solomon’s Colonnade. This will not be the first time that we see reference to this place in the temple area. When I looked it up, I found out that Solomon’s Colonnade was an area that was like a covered porch. This seemed to be an area that people lingered in (much like the area outside the sanctuary of a church) and engaged in conversation. This wasn’t the only time a scene was created in this area; please look up John 10:22-42.

I find it interesting that this was the place that Jesus revealed who He was and it was the same place that Peter talked of who Jesus was. I can’t help but wonder if some of the same people were there because this event took place shortly after Jesus’ ascension into heaven. People didn’t move around much in this culture, so it was very likely that some of the same people that heard Jesus in Solomon’s Colonnade were the same people that witnessed the miracle and heard Peter’s speech. I get goose bumps thinking of how God was giving them another chance to hear and witness the truth. I also love how God used a common place that people gathered to reveal Himself.

We can learn from this example. What places do people gather in your workplace or community? Every moment you’re there doesn’t have to be a big religious discussion, but God wants us to engage with people where they are. Peter and John were not strangers to that place; they were probably there several times a week. People will listen when we come to them and engage in their lives. We cannot expect to affect our community if we are not going out into the community!

Where does God want you to be?

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