Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 2, Day 5 - One In Heart and Mind

Acts 4:32-26

As I was watching football yesterday, the Minnesota Vikings were excited to have Brett Favre come back to their team earlier in the week. The reporters were talking of how much the coach and team wanted him back this season to the point that the coach sent three of his players to Brett’s house to encourage him to come back and not retire. While this was going on, an “unnamed source” on the Vikings reported how some not so nice things were said about the coach by other team players, Brett included. Brett didn’t address this in the press; however, when he came back he warned the team how doing things like that can be dangerous to the team. Reporting complaints to the press will destroy a team’s unity, everyone needs to be able to trust each other; this was an issue that should have been discussed as a team. Please look at Acts 4:32-26.

We read that, “all the believers were one in heart and mind,” in Acts 4:32. Luke then went on to explain what that meant: they shared everything they had. Verse 34 says there were, “no needy persons among them.” Their hearts were for each other as they learned to love one another just as God commanded. Our culture in America isn’t necessarily a “sharing” culture. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen incredible generosity here in America; I think of our response to Haiti as a perfect example. I just think of the idea of sharing and I think we could all do that a little bit better (myself included). How often do we share our talents and skills with others; how often do we loan out something to someone in need? I think we do okay at this; most people are willing to share, but does God want to stretch our comfort zones a little bit more? Are we thinking of our possessions and talents as God’s?

I find it interesting that as we are sharing and meeting each other’s needs, it helps unify us. Perhaps that’s why no one has everything. No one can do it all. We are unified when we share our possessions and skills. We become “one in heart and mind.” When we look around and see how God can use us to meet a need for someone else and we love that person, we become unified with that person. Please read how Paul expresses gratefulness to the church in Philippi for their willingness to share in Philippians 4:10-20. When we share and no one has need, we see a glimpse of God’s glory (verse 20).

Are you sharing what you have? How is God stretching your comfort zone today?

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