Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 6, Day 3 - God's Timing

2 Chronicles 6:12-42

Our timing definitely does not match God’s timing. I guess when you think of the idea of His timing, He does not operate on the same time line we do. Think about eternity for a little bit; I know when I think of the idea of forever it is impossible to comprehend. I cannot understand that God forever was and forever will be, but I can believe by faith. My life so far is a timeline; I had a beginning and I can comprehend beginnings and endings. The way I look at it, think of how slowly time passed when you were a child and think of how much faster the years roll by the older you get. It is perspective. I was talking with a friend a while back on the perspective of time and I think the perspective changes because we have that much more time in our past to compare. For example, one day to a newborn is going to feel like forever because that is all they have experienced compared to you where one day may feel like a very short amount of time because you have experienced thousands of days. So, when we are impatiently waiting on God’s timing we need to trust that He sees all and knows all and has a very different perspective on time. Please look up 2 Chronicles 6:12-42.

Solomon is praying a prayer of dedication to God for the temple that he had just completed. I hope you read the whole prayer because it is a powerful request that God would reveal Himself to all who prayed to Him at the temple. If you recall, on Monday I looked at God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer of dedication in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. I want to focus for a moment on 2 Chronicles 6:26-31 and then look at 2 Chronicles 7:11-16. Now I want to point out the timing of God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer. Solomon prayed this prayer after he completed the temple; however, God’s answer came to Him after the temple and palace were completed (2 Chronicles 7:11). It is unknown how much time passed between the completion of the temple and the completion of the palace, but we do know that Solomon spent twenty years on both projects (2Chronicles 8:1). God’s answer may have been months after his prayer or even years, either way, Solomon did not receive an immediate answer.

We tend to get impatient when we don’t have an immediate answer. It can feel like God isn’t listening, but sometimes I wonder if He is waiting for us to be ready to hear His answer. I know there have been times where in the waiting period, my perspective changed and I became ready to hear the answer He wanted to give me. There have also been times when I received an immediate answer. I have learned that there are things about God that I will not fully comprehend but I can trust that God knows what is best. Please remember that not receiving an answer in your timing doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you!

Are you patient with God’s timing?

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