Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 4, Day 3 - Can't Buy Me Love

Acts 8:9 – 8:25

Do you remember the Beatle’s tune, “Can’t Buy Me Love?” The famous line in the song says, “I don’t care too much for money; money can’t buy me love.” Not everyone would agree with that line; there are several people that marry for the convenience of more money. God; however, can’t be bought with money; He really doesn’t care about it except that we trust Him with our money. God wants our hearts and today’s reading will show us how important the heart is over money. Please read Acts 8:9 – 8:25.

Simon was a sorcerer and was used to gaining attention by doing magnificent things. He had a following and enjoyed his status. When Philip came into to town, Simon noticed that people were amazed by what he was doing and began to follow him. In that process, he became saved and was baptized. Peter and John heard how many people in Samaria were becoming saved and baptized and came to pray for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit. Simon was amazed that people were receiving the Holy Spirit by laying their hands on them and offered Peter and John money so that he could do that as well. Remember that in Simon’s world, money bought him whatever he wanted; that was probably how he learned sorcery. Peter rebuked him for thinking he could buy a gift from God with money. Simon asked Peter to pray for him as a result.

We may not be approaching our pastors and asking that God gift them by offering money; however, that attitude is not that difficult to have, it is masked in a different way. It is easy to think that because we tithe faithfully that we will be blessed always; it is almost as if we tithe with the expectation of a gift. Maybe a person feels that because they give faithfully, the church should do and provide what they feel should be done. Maybe a person serves expecting favor from God because of what they do. God does not work that way! God is looking for people to follow Him because they love Him and to trust Him during times of blessing and difficult times. God just wants us.

Are you trying to buy God’s love and faithfulness?

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