Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 4, Day 5 - Defining Moments

Acts 9:1-19

Have you ever had a defining moment with God where you walked away changed? The moment of your salvation is definitely a defining moment; however, in our walk with God we will have moments when our journey takes us to a new place. It is almost as if God reveals something new to us about Him or ourselves. In the Old Testament, we see the altars or “standing stones” the Israelites would erect so they would always remember those moments. One of those moments was when they crossed the Jordan River; God told them to collect rocks from the river bed and make an altar (Joshua 3-4). Another moment that comes to mind is when Jacob had a vision of God (Genesis 28:10-22). There are times when people were given a new name, such as Jacob after he wrestled with God (Genesis 32:22-31). That gives permanence to the moment when God proclaimed who they are in Him! Today we will get to read how a man named Saul had a moment with God that changed his life; please read Acts 9:1-9.

Saul was on his was to Damascus with papers giving him permission to arrest anyone belonging to “The Way.” On that road he met Jesus. Do remember when you first met Jesus? It is such an amazing moment when Jesus reveals Himself to us in a new way. At that moment, Saul knew that Jesus is God and he was a changed man. I find verse 7 very interesting, “The men traveling with Saul stood there speechless; they heard the sound but did not see anyone.” Isn’t that the way our moments with God are like? We can have a moment and other people “hear the sound.” A perfect example was an opportunity to see Cici Wynans perform at a woman’s conference; it was a concert like I have never seen before or since. There was something happening between her and God while she was worshipping; we heard the sound, but she was in communion with God. I stood in awe of how she and God could have such a private moment when there were thousands of women watching. I have no idea if it was a defining moment for her, but there was something special happening between her and God.

In Wild Goose Chase, Mark Batterson writes of “Inattentional Blindness” (pg 43) where we become so used to our surroundings and routine that we become blind to the daily miracles around us. We miss out on the Holy Spirit’s promptings and opportunities to worship because we become accustomed to our environment. God gave Saul a physical reminder of how he was missing out on who God was because he was stuck in the routine of the law by making him blind for three days. I can’t help but wonder when the scales fell off Saul’s eyes if everything seemed new to him. He could probably look around and see the amazing work of God’s hands all around him.

What are your defining moments with God? Have you done something to help you remember those moments when things get tough? Where are your blind spots keeping you from appreciating all God has done?

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