Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 5, Day 3 - God's Gift Is For All

Acts 10

The story of Cornelius and Peter is beautiful because up until this moment, Peter’s ministry was only to Jews. Cornelius had a heart that sought God and was generous in his love for God by giving to those in need. God saw his heart and wanted to make sure that Cornelius would have the opportunity to experience Him. Please read the entire chapter of Acts 10 today.

The Bible is a story of redemption and love. This story to me sums up the reason why Christ came to earth, died and rose again. He didn’t just do it for the Jews; He did it for everyone on the earth! Please soak in this story and remember that you were once a Cornelius who didn’t know Him but came to know Him in a new way. Does this make you realize that God is drawing all of mankind to Him? Everyone is loved by God. In Cornelius’ story, God called Peter to go to Cornelius so he could hear how much God loves him. Have you ever been prompted?

I have, but I haven’t always listened or obeyed the prompts. Once, God kept prompting me to reach out to a neighbor that was not well received in that neighborhood. I have to admit that I avoided approaching that person because I knew it would be work. God wasn’t going to let me off the hook; however, and continued to prompt me. Finally, I had a friend pray with me about me obeying God’s direction and within a few days of praying, the person came to me. I was able to share how God changed me; however, maybe my neighbor would have seen it even more if I would have gone to them first.

Has God prompted you to reach out to someone you wouldn’t have normally reached out to?

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