Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zambia Schedule

I cannot believe the time to leave for Zambia is here! Please pray for Chris and my kiddos while I am away! I am most definitely going to miss them! I wanted to post my schedule so you could see what we will be doing in Zambia:

Oct 11 - Leave Buffalo (super early in the morning!)
Oct 12 - Arrive in Lusaka
Oct 13 - Hopefest
Oct 14 - Hopefest
Oct 15 - Hopefest
Oct 16 - Travel to Choma
Oct 17 - Church in Bulanda
Oct 18 - Tour Choma
Oct 19 - Work in Mayobo (stay night in Pemba)
Oct 20 - Work in Pemba
Oct 21 - Work in Katete
Oct 22 - Livingston
Oct 23 - Travel Home
Oct 24 - Arrive in Buffalo

To see how you can pray for us specifically, please visit my "Preparing for Zambia" page.

Thank you so much for praying with me! Since I will have very little internet access, I will be unable to post while I am away. You can be sure to expect a report when I return!

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