Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Transformed Christmas

Romans 12:2

The last post I wrote was about needing to live a transformed life by allowing the Holy Spirit to renew our minds. The God-moment for me was that I wrote that early Sunday morning and when I went to church later in the morning, the pastor spoke on that verse! He related it to Christmas and how can we change the way we do Christmas that would show that we are living transformed lives rather than conforming to the world’s view of Christmas.

He gave some very interesting statistics about Christmas; a few of which are still spinning in my head: each year, Americans spend $450 billion on Christmas and the results of a survey show that 60% of what is spent on Black Friday is bought for them. He then told us that research shows that it would take $10 billion to give every person in the world access to clean water. After being in Zambia, the reality of those statistics hit me hard; there are a lot of people who are sick or dying as a result of unclean water. The thought that a small percentage of what we spend on Christmas as Americans would change people’s lives in other countries is amazing to me. This is not our annual spending; this is our Christmas spending.

That makes me think of what a transformed life would do at Christmas. Even just a few less presents each year and donating the money saved to an organization could change our world. Isn’t that what Christ wants us to do? He called us to live differently so we could radically change our world. Three organizations that my church partners with has a holiday "gift catalog," where you can see how you can give a gift to someone around the world. These are organizations that have shown integrity with how they use the money that is donated:

How will you have a transformed Christmas?

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