Thursday, February 24, 2011


Isaiah 58:6-9

The more I write about justice, the more difficult it becomes.  I am finding myself convicted on so many issues that I think are bad, but I haven't really done much to help.  I am by no means suggesting that one person can change everything that is wrong; however, imagine what kind of world this could be if the church as a whole began doing what Jesus called us to do and introduced the world to Him.  Imagine if the church sacrificed its comfort to fight against injustice.

Today's topic is near and dear to my heart: child abuse and exploitation.  I feel that child abuse not only has effects on the child but it also has long-term effects on society.  We could look at this as strictly a law enforcement issue; however, there are a lot of ways the church could step in.  There are many causes for child abuse, but there are many ways the church could step in and work on prevention.  It could be to come around the parent who is struggling with the day to day and helping him/her learn coping techniques.  The church could provide parenting classes or family experiences.  The church could be helping the single-parent families rather than heap judgement on the parent.  The list can go on.

Will the church be able to eradicate this injustice?  As long as there is sin in this world there will be injustice, but the church can fight this injustice as hard as it can.  Why does the church need to be involved?  Because God wants us to!

What are other injustices that the church needs to open her eyes and see?

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