Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Humility of Christ

Philippians 2:1-11

Yesterday I looked at how God wants our relationships to be lived out so that we value others above ourselves. Today I want to look at the ultimate model of humility - Jesus.  As we re-read Philippians 2:1-11, please pray that God speaks to you in a fresh new way today.

In this section of scripture, we are told to have the same mindset as Christ.  We are then told about how He lived a life of humility just by the very act of becoming a man.  Not only did come to us as a human, but He was poor and He served everyone else.  He washed the disciple's feet!  He then sacrificed Himself and died on the cross.

My small group is currently doing the study, In Dust of the Rabbi by Ray Van der Laan where he explained what it meant in the Bible to be a disciple.  Basically, a disciple was someone who had studied the Tora (Bible) so intently that they had it memorized.  They went on to higher education to learn more and discuss more of the meaning of the Tora.  After that, the student who had a greater desire above any other desire to be like the Rabbi became their disciple.  I am not able to do justice to how great of an honor or how much work and dedication the student had to have in order to become a disciple, but please understand that only a few could get to this level.  The disciple lived, ate, and slept with the Rabbi so he could glean every bit of understanding the Rabbi had.  If we are to imitate Christ, we are to spend time with Him.

Humility is a heart issue - the actions that we live out reflect what is in our hearts.  When we behave in a way that values others above ourselves, it is because we have allowed God to change our hearts to be humble.  Oh that we could have hearts that please God through humility!  Oh that we can have the dedication that a disciple has to learn from Christ!

Are you using Christ as your model for humility?  Are you a disciple of Christ?

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