Friday, March 18, 2011

Joy In the Lord

Isaiah 58:13-14

There is something to be said about a day of rest.  Have you allowed yourself a day where you are truly resting and not rushing around?  Our American culture is a very busy culture and we have managed to fill every moment of our day with something.  We have scheduled our lives to pieces, and often times were operating on little sleep.  Studies are now showing that less sleep equals greater health issues, which will then make us less productive rather than the desired effect of increased productivity.  Busyness is not good for us and running a 24/7 race is tiring and unhealthy.  We are even doing it to our children; we have them in sports, music, and art classes as well as dance and mid-week church and school, and the list really can go on.  The problem is that we are not a generation that recognizes the strength in rest and we are not raising our children to recognize it either.  Please look up Isaiah 58:13-14.

I have trouble with this; I let myself get caught up in errands on my day off and end up feeling like I worked just as hard any other day.  Over the last year or so, I have been better at making sure I spend time relaxing and resting in God, but I have to admit that it is not habitual.  God is showing us in this passage that we can look forward to our weekly rest in Him and not only honor Him, but we find our "joy in the Lord."  Please look up Exodus 20:8-11 and see why we should observe the Sabbath.  God made us in His image and He tells us that just as He rested on the seventh day, so should we.  Please look up Mark 2:27.  Jesus said this when the Pharisees were upset with Him and the disciples for picking grains of wheat on the Sabbath.  Jesus was reminding them that the Sabbath was made for our benefit.

God gave us the gift of a day of rest every week.  He gave us the day to rest in Him and be away from our stress and work and become refreshed.  Just as I mentioned earlier in the week, the heart behind the obedience in resting is important.  When we fast, we need to have a heart that is seeking God; when we are resting, we should be seeking to rest in God.  The command of the Sabbath wasn't meant for some crazy legalistic thing, it was meant to help us grow.

Will you find a day of rest this week?

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