Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More To This Life

Isaiah 58:6-9

As a music therapist, I would set goals and objectives for the people I was working with and they often didn't know or understand them because of a cognitive impairment or because they were too young (birth - 3 years old).  That was okay because I was often helping them learn and grow by using untraditional methods through music. If they were singing a silly song that had funny sounds in it; they were most likely working on a set of sounds they had difficulty producing.  If they were strumming my guitar; they were probably learning how to isolate their index finger.  My clients would eventually meet their goals and objectives because they were working on them through an unrelated task.  I think God does that with us sometimes; I think He teaches us something by using a seemingly unrelated event.  Let's explore this in Isaiah 58:6-9.

There is so much more to life than ourselves and I was definitely reminded of that truth when I went to Zambia and met the people who where living on one meal a day and dying of AIDS.  There is so much more to this life than me.  God wants so much more of me in life.  I'm going to write that again only because I need to let that soak into my heart!  There is so much more to this life than me and God wants so much more of me in this life.  What I am saying is that my wants, desires and perceived needs is nothing compared to the real needs in the world around me.  However, God wants me to play an active role in looking for the things that break His heart.  He did not put me here in America to be comfortable; perhaps He put me here to do something!  Perhaps we have all been put here to do something; imagine what would happen to the world around us if we did.

So what does this have to do with fasting?  Just like in music therapy where my clients were learning a new skill by doing something musical; God wants to use a fast to teach us something new.  Isaiah 58:6-9 tells us what is important to God.  If we are fasting from eating, we could use the food we are not eating to feed the hungry (verse 6).  If we are fasting from shopping, we could use that money to provide for someone else's needs like clothing.  The possibilities are endless.  The point is that the fast isn't just to make us hungry; it is to propel us into more action because there is so much more to this life than ourselves.  God could just fix the problems in the world by Himself, yet He chooses to use us!  He wants so much more of us in this life.

Are you willing to have more of yourself in this life?

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