Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Luke 22:1-13

I love God!  I love that He sent Jesus down to earth as an expression and outpouring of His love.  I love that Jesus, when facing death, continued to reach out to those who would listen to Him.  The verses I am looking at for the next few days tells the incredible story of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection so we could have a relationship with God.  I just ask that as you read through this section of scripture that you pray that God would give you fresh insight into His love for you.  I don't know how many services you may be attending during this week, but don't let the routine and busyness destroy your knowledge of the immeasurable gift you have been given.  If you do not know Christ, I ask that you read and think on the incredible love story of a God who came to earth to draw people to Him.  He doesn't want to control you, He loves you.  Please read Luke 22:1-13.

On Monday, I looked at how Jesus angered the religious leaders and they began to think about how they could have Him murdered.  Today, verses 1 and 2 reiterate the fact that they want Jesus killed but they were afraid of how the people would react.  They found an ally with Judas, on of Jesus' 12 disciples.  Judas was about to commit a betrayal that will be talked about until the end of this world.  I have been betrayed by a friend; however, I do not think that it was a planned betrayal.  I think that my friend was reacting in the moment and wasn't thinking about the consequences.  Judas was planning out his betrayal, and looking for the right opportunity.  Please notice the timing of this; it is the beginning of Passover.  Passover is when the Jewish people celebrate their deliverance from slavery in Egypt and the angel of death passed over them.  The disciples where making preparations to celebrate Passover, and Judas was planning a to deliver Jesus into the hands of the religious leaders.

Jesus knew all this was taking place; however, He continued on with His plans to celebrate the Passover meal with His closest friends.  Jesus knew that He would be betrayed in a matter of hours, yet He desired to be with the disciples during this time.  Jesus longed to pour His love out to others during His last hours and He longs to pour His love out on you right now.  Don't miss this opportunity to reflect on the amazing love God has for us!

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