Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ask For Wisdom

Esther 5:1-7

I'm still thinking about what I was studying yesterday and how incredible it is that we have a King who cares so much that He actually asks us to give Him our worries.  He loves us so much and He is never too busy for us.  We have a King who knows us - He knows our names.  I am so overwhelmed at the idea that my perfect and holy God wants to spend time with me.  Praise God!

Yesterday, I left with Esther asking for all the Jews in Susa (along with herself and attendants) to fast for three days.  I had pointed out how when Mordecai fasted it seemed to set him straight into a plan of action and he sought after Esther.  I feel that the fast did the same for Esther.  Remember how I mentioned that she went into the fast as if she were staring at a blank page not knowing exactly how she was going to execute the plan?  I think her time spent in fasting and prayer before she was about to take a great risk was what gave her wisdom for how to approach the king.  Please turn to Esther 5:1-7.

Esther approached the throne of her heavenly King and was then prepared to approach the throne of the king of Persia.  We can see that God granted her favor with the king and he extended his scepter to her.  Her life was spared for the moment.  But I love what Esther did next; she invited the king and the enemy, Haman to a banquet.  Instead of begging for the Jews in the court, she asked the king to join her for a meal.  I believe that this was wisdom that was given to her to approach the king in such a manner.  She wanted to approach the king in a setting that was intimate rather than public.  She wasn't going to put the king on the spot in his court, she would bring him to a comfortable setting where he was more likely to listen to her.

Remember what we are told in James 1:4-6.  We know that we can ask God for wisdom and He will give it to us.

Have you sought after God's wisdom?

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