Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Luke 20:1-19

Have you ever had to do something and known that it would not turn out good for you?  This may have been something that you had no choice over or you just knew that was the right thing to do, but you were also going to suffer the consequences of your actions.  Jesus knew that when He went into Jerusalem that he would soon suffer; however, His love for us was so overwhelming that He went on and taught in the Temple.  In order to set the stage for today, yesterday I looked at how the Pharisees were beginning to plot how to murder Jesus because they were upset with what He was teaching.  Please look up Luke 20:1-19.

The Pharisees were testing Jesus by asking where He received His authority to teach the things He was teaching.  Seeing where their hearts were, Jesus didn't answer their question but told a parable instead.  In the parable, Jesus told of a farmer who rented out his field to other farmers and sent servants to collect what was due.  Three times in a row, the renters beat up the servants.  The land owner finally sent his "cherished" son to collect what was due.  The renters saw him and killed him.  Jesus then explained that the renters' punishment would be death and the land owner would rent to new tenants.  In this parable, God is the land owner, Jesus is the son, and the Pharisees were the renters.  God sent His son to bring life and He was rejected by the religious leaders and murdered.  God now offers His plan of salvation for anyone who will listen and obey.

Jesus wasn't the savior that everyone was expecting.  He caused some to stumble when He didn't appear the way some thought He should appear.  We all have an opportunity to believe in the beautiful gift of life that God has extended to us.  We need to believe who Jesus is.  Jesus was not a prophet or a good man; Jesus is God and our Savior.

What expectations are you stumbling on?

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