Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Issues

Blogger has had some issues over the last few days.  What this means for this blog is that my post from yesterday has been "temporarily" erased and I was unable to put my post on for today.  Sorry about that!  With that said, both posts are written; and I am waiting for my post that has disappeared to reappear otherwise I will rewrite it.  No worries - it is about God's love.  It never hurts to review His love for us again.  Who knows, maybe it will be written better the second time around!

If Blogger doesn't post it today; I will post it tomorrow.  If they do eventually get it up today, I will post the one that is written for today (Friday) on Saturday.  Either way, by the end of the weekend everything should be back on schedule and back to normal.

Thanks for your patience!

Addendum - After a little fixing, Thursday's post is back on.  Tomorrow, I will post the Friday post.  Thank you!

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