Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Redeemer's Armor

Isaiah 59:15-20

I just came home from the school district art fair, where two of my children had their work on display.  After we first went to find their work, we meandered through the aisles to look at the creativity and talent of the students in our school district.  There was a particular work done with photos where they were pieced together to make a larger work of art.  The artist took pictures of roses at several different angles and put the pictures together to make a new arrangement of roses.  It was well done and very fun to study.  The way the artist did this was to find parallels in the photos and piece together the photos that would continue the story.  I love parallels because they always make me think.  God put a lot of parallels in the Bible and I never fail to get excited when I discover a new one.  He must have fun waiting for me to discover a new parallel because I have to tell everyone around me about it.  Yesterday, as I was looking up verses about righteousness, I discovered these verses; please look up Isaiah 59:15-20.

Praise God our Redeemer came to buy us back; He bought us with His pure and perfect blood.  Please keep in your mind the glorious name, Redeemer; the name of the Righteous One who humbled Himself to come and be among us in order to pull us out of our pits.  I get so overwhelmed by His love that He would stop at nothing to bring us back to Himself!  Now, back to the parallel; please look up Ephesians 6:14-17 and see the beautiful parallel! We are told in Ephesians to put on the body armor of God's righteousness and we read in Isaiah that our Savior put on righteousness as His body armor.  Also notice that Christ put on salvation as His helmet just as we are told in Ephesians.  I love this and whenever I see a parallel in the Bible, I ask what is God teaching me.

I think this point is one that should not be lost on us:  the very body armor that Christ put on in this prophecy is the very armor that God wants us to wear.  Christ's body armor is righteousness and we are to put on the body armor of God's righteousness.  I want to stress that we are not putting on our own righteousness, we are putting on God's righteousness.  This is important as well because if our righteousness was adequate, we wouldn't need our Redeemer.  There is nothing we can do to have a righteousness that is going to make us right with God; we are only made right with God through Christ.  Let our Redeemer cover you and protect you with His righteousness, His very own body armor.

Are you wearing the body armor of our Redeemer?

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