Monday, May 9, 2011

Truth #1 - The Bible Is the Word of God

Ephesians 6:14

For the last few weeks, I have been studying what it means to be strong in the Lord and to stand firm.  There are many references in the Bible about being strong and standing firm and there are many references to the importance of trusting and standing firm in God's strength and not our own.  I am now digging into the Armor of God and studying each part of the armor.  Please look up Ephesians 6:14.

We are to put on the belt of truth.  I think it is interesting that truth is looked as a belt, because there is nothing more annoying than pants that are slipping down and having to keep pulling them up.  The New King James Version says, "having girded your waist with truth."  This is also an interesting picture because what I have read says that "girding" meant to pull up the robes and tie them so that the soldiers' garments wouldn't slow them down.  The enemy's lies do that to us - they entangle us so we cannot be effective.  If we can have the belt of truth holding everything in place, we will be more effective.

A basic truth we Christians must accept is the validity of the Bible as the Word of God.  This is an important truth because if we don't believe it to be the Word of God we then cannot trust every word of the Bible to be truth.  Psalm 33:4 says, "For the Word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does."  We can also see that the Bible is God's Word; please look up 2 Timothy 3:14-17.  This passage tells us that all scripture (Bible) is God-breathed; I like to think about the fact that it is impossible to speak without breathing.  So, as God spoke His Word, He breathed His breath into it.  Please look up 1 Thessalonians 2:13.  We can see that it is important to accept the Bible as God's Word, even though God used man to write it out.  The Bible is God's Word, which is true and is at work in the hearts of all who believe.

Without accepting this truth, we will get easily tangled up in the lies of our enemy.  We will not have a truth with which to compare a lie.  If we are unable to recognize a lie, then we will not be able to resist the lie and fight the battle.  It is difficult to fight a battle when we do not know who our enemy is.  The Bible is trust-worthy and will never fail us.

Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?

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