Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Truth #2 - Jesus Is Alive

Acts 2:22-24

I enjoy working in Children's Ministry because the questions children ask are so open and honest.  I have learned so much about my own relationship with God through their sometimes challenging questions.  Since I now work at the church, I do not serve in Children's Ministry as often; however, I still get my opportunities.  This weekend, I had the opportunity to sit with a very inquisitive six year old girl during the large group time.  She had a question for everything..."Does he always dress that way?"..."Does she talk like that every day?"...  As my husband began telling the story of Zaccheus to the kiddos he mentioned Jesus; she turned to me and said, "But Jesus is dead, right?"  I smiled and said, "No.  He's alive!"  She looked confused and said, "Are you sure about that?  I thought he was dead."  So I replied, "I'm sure.  Jesus is alive."  She then shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, all this time I thought he was dead!"  Please read Acts 2:22-24.

Every time I think about that little girl, she makes me wonder how many people are living their lives believing that Jesus is dead.  To me, this is the ultimate tragedy because Jesus is alive and that is why we have hope.  When Christ died on the cross, He took our punishment and brought them to the cross.  When He rose from the dead on Easter, He demonstrated that He had authority even over death.  Jesus is alive and He shares His victory over sin and death with us!  Acts 2:23 tells us that "it is impossible for death to have its hold on Him."  This truth is the difference between eternal death and eternal life.

The results when we believe the truth that Jesus sacrificed Himself and paid our punishment for our sins and rose again are incredible!  Please look up Romans 8:1-3.  "God declared an end to sin's control over us!"  Praise God that sin no longer has control!  Please look up 1 Corinthians 15:56-57 and see what it means when God declared an end to sin's control over us.  God gives us victory over death.  Believe the truth that Jesus is alive because this is the truth that saves.  This is a truth that we cling to as we are putting on the belt of truth in the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:14).

Do you accept and believe the truth that Jesus has conquered death and is alive?

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