Saturday, May 14, 2011

Truth #5 - God Is Just

I have learned so much about my relationship with God by being a parent and one thing I have learned is perspective.  My perspective and my children’s perspective can often be very different.  After living for 40 years, I have a perspective based on experience.  I also have a perspective in how I determine the outcome of difficult situations.  Sometimes my decision will show differing perspectives among my children; one child will feel like my decision was fair and the other will feel like it is unfair.  Then there are the decisions where no one seems to think I was being fair.  Being their mom, I sometimes see things in the situation they do not see and I make my decisions based on the big picture rather than one detail.  The Bible tells us that no matter our perspective, God is a just judge.  Please look up Isaiah 30:18-19.

“For the LORD is a God of justice, blessed are those who wait for Him.”  We have a very different perspective on justice and timing than God’s perspective.  It is sometimes hard dealing with His version of justice because we want something done right away.  Perhaps we have been treated unfairly and we want those who treated us poorly to pay for what they have done.  It is hard when you feel you are the one suffering while the person who is treating you wrong is doing well.  The problem with that focus is that instead of focusing on how God would want us to respond in our situation, we are telling God how He should respond to our situation.  But this verse tells us that those who wait for God are blessed.

2 Thessalonians 1:5-7 tells us that God’s justice will ultimately be played out when Christ returns.  Why would God wait so long to administer justice?  I think the answer is in 2 Peter 3:13-15.  In this passage we read that God’s patience means salvation.  Don’t forget the patience God has extended to you; He wants to extend the same grace given to you to everyone else as well.  It may not seem fair, but it is just.  If God was fair by human standards, we would all be dying instead of holding on to the hope of eternal life.  The truth of God’s justice is important because it allows us to trust Him in all situations.  We can fight the lies of the enemy about the justice of God.

Do you trust in God’s justice?

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