Sunday, June 5, 2011

Faith During The Storm

Luke 8:22-25

This has been a rough Spring across the continental U.S. with a record number of tornadoes.  We haven't just seen a record number of tornadoes, we have seen very powerful and destructive tornadoes.  We have also seen record flooding near the Mississippi River.  Every time I think of all the families that are displaced from their homes because of a storm, my heart just breaks.  Please pray for those families!  It is even hurting the economy because farmers have been unable to plant in their saturated fields.  When we look around the world we have seen terrible earthquakes and a deadly tsunami that completely wiped out an entire town.  It reminds all of us of how vulnerable we are to nature and I can relate to the way the disciples must have felt in the story I am looking at today.  Please turn to Luke 8:22-25.

Storms come and go in life; not just storms of nature, but spiritual and emotional storms.  Sometimes they can seem scary and sometimes they are absolutely devastating.  We can be in the middle of the storm and feeling like we are going to drown.  Whether we have lost a job, become seriously ill, lost a loved one, or faced a huge disappointment the storms in life can leave us breathless and terrified.  When I read the story of Jesus calming the storm, I notice several things - the disciples were terrified of the storm, they turned to Jesus, they were questioned about their faith, and they were both amazed and afraid of Jesus.

We can all relate to the disciples fear of whether or not they would survive the storm because they were in a boat that was filling up with water.  I've been there!  I've been afraid of the circumstances I was in and I wasn't sure if I'd come out okay.  I really don't believe that Jesus questioned their faith because they woke Him up, I think He questioned their faith because of their panic.  I know when God has spoken to my heart and said, "Sharon, do you trust me," it was when I was in a panic.  Who knows what would've happened if they would have waited out the storm because the situation was desperate, but I can think of Paul who had no control over how to react to the storm other than trust God (Acts 27).  He was at the mercy of other people's decisions, and God brought him through the storm.  This is a good reminder for me because it is okay to go to God for help, but I don't need to panic in the midst of the storm.

Do you trust God in the middle of your storms?

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