Thursday, June 2, 2011

Faith In Christ's Authority

Luke 7:2-10

Jesus amazes me!  I am amazed that He would humble Himself and come to earth as a man to live among us.  I am amazed that even after living among us, He still loved us so much that He would sacrifice Himself on the cross so we could be right with God.  I am amazed by all the miracles He did to show us His authority over all things.  I am amazed that He rose from the dead.  I am amazed that He continues to draw us to Him even though we often push away.  I am amazed each time I think of His love for me.  I never stopped being amazed at our awesome Savior, yet I wonder if I have ever amazed Him.  Please look up Luke 7:2-10.

I like this story because the Roman officer shows so much trust in Jesus' authority.  The Roman officer understood Jesus' authority because of a few of his own life experiences.  As a person serving as an officer, he had an authority figure he obeyed; whatever his boss asked him to do, he did it.  He also understood authority since he was an authority figure as well.  He was very familiar with the idea that if he told someone under him to do something, they would do it because they had to obey.  The Roman officer knew that Jesus had authority as well and knew that if Jesus commanded it, his servant would be healed.  He even understood that Jesus could command it right from where He was at!

Sometimes I live as though I have forgotten that Jesus has authority over all things - not just some things.  I forget because I am consumed with my human vision rather than my Jesus vision.  Remembering Christ's authority is like holding up a shield knowing and trusting that all things must obey Him.  Please look up John 14:12-14.  Christ allows us to use His name to ask for anything.  Why does He do this?  He tells us in verse 13 that He does this so that He can bring glory to God.   I enjoy hearing stories of answered prayer because God gets all the glory in those stories.  We are all reminded of His power and authority and we are able to hold up our shield of faith all the higher.

Do you trust in Jesus's authority?

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