Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Than Conquerers

Isaiah 59:16-21

When I was a preschooler, my mom babysat a boy the same age as me.  We got along great and spent the entire day playing together.  One of our favorite games to play was "Underdog."  We watched the cartoon on T.V. and decided that it would be fun to play it out.  I had a knit hat with curly-cues on it and I would wear it to play the part of Sweet Polly; my friend would then play the part of Underdog.  I would find myself in situations where I would need a hero and Underdog would step in and save me from my peril.  Sometimes, we find ourselves in real-life situations where we wish we could have someone come in and pull us out of the stress and danger.  The great thing is that we have a Savior who not only can save us from our eternal death, but He wants to step in and be a part of our everyday lives.  Please turn to Isaiah 59:16-21.

Today, as I was reading this prophecy, it just seemed like Christ was coming in as our super-hero.  My husband is a children's pastor and during the large group time of the children's ministry they occasionally sing a song where one line in the lyrics says "Jesus, You're my super-hero..."  Kids are bombarded with super-hero hype with movies, cartoons, comic books and action figures; they get to hear the message that Jesus is the true super-hero who saves us from our sins.  Reading in Isaiah 59, we see the strength and might of Christ to "step in and save" the oppressed.  Please read in verse 17 what He wears for armor!  I know I looked at this verse when I was studying about the breastplate of righteousness, but I love how Jesus also wears salvation for a helmet!

Jesus came to save us from our own self-destruction.  The Hebrew word for salvation in verse 17 is yeshew ah, which definitions include salvation by God, deliverance, and victory.  This word is such a good reminder that the victory is won!  There are a lot of things that can destroy us on earth; however, when we are a child of God there is nothing that can separate us or destroy our eternal victory.  Please look up Romans 8:34-39.  Verse 37 says that "overwhelming victory is our through Christ."  That phrase could also be translated as "we are more than conquerers through Christ."  It is amazing to think that we have "overwhelming victory," or that we are "more than conquerers" because of Christ's victory.  Only God could give us a victory that is overwhelming or make us something even more than a conquerer!  What an incredible piece of armor and an amazing gift God gave us.

Are you living in the victory that Christ gained for you?

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