Friday, June 3, 2011

No Doubt

Matthew 21:18-21

When I was a child, I was susceptible to getting "swimmer's ear" or an infection in the outer canal of the ear.  We were at the beach on a day when I was recovering from swimmer's ear and I so desperately wanted to play in the water.  My mom said I could go ahead and wade in the water, but I was not to go into the water and get my ears wet.  I couldn't resist the temptation once I was in the lake and I began jumping into the waves getting my ears good and wet.  What resulted was probably the worst case of swimmer's ear I have ever had.  Since we were at our cottage, we had to go to an emergency clinic to get medicine for my ear.  The pain was so great while we were in the car, I couldn't even talk because it hurt to open my jaw.  My dad stopped the car and said that God wanted him to pray for my ear.  He prayed, and I knew that God could heal me.  When he finished praying, the pain was completely gone and it didn't return!  We were all amazed to witness God's work on my ear.  Please turn to Matthew 21:18-21.

This passage of scripture makes me wonder how often do I ask and pray expecting an answer, or am I going through the motions?  There have been many times in my life where I have seen direct answers to my prayers, yet do I pray expecting to see results?  Is there any doubt?  When we are talking about spiritual warfare and the armor of God, we need to believe without doubt the authority of Jesus' Name.  The point isn't that we should be walking around cursing fig trees or telling mountains to move, the point is that faith is the key to get things done.  Faith without doubt.  How can we have faith and still doubt?  I think some of it is comments such as, "I believe God can do anything, but He is too busy to deal with my needs."  Or sometimes it could be, "I know God can provide for all my needs, but I don't want to ask Him too much."  Or it could even be, "I will ask because God can do this, but I don't think I deserve it."

We can know that there is no one greater than God, and He controls everything, but do we live life expecting that reality to effect our world?  We may not get the answer we want and we may not understand the reason; we need to trust that the bigger picture God sees is more than what we see.  Sometimes we don't get the immediate answer because God has something so much more in store for us.  Either way, we cannot have doubts because we don't understand.  We need faith without doubt.  The day that God healed my ear, I knew that He would heal me in my child-like faith.  I need to trust that when I ask, God will provide exactly what I need when I need it.  If I cannot trust in my shield of faith, I will run away when I am in battle.

Do you have doubts?

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