Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pray For All Believers

Jude 1

We all face trials and temptations.  We can face temptations that lure us with lies that they will give us a way out of trials.  We face heart-ache and pain.  We face times in our lives that we wonder how we will ever make it through.  It is during those times when we need others to be praying with and for us.  I believe that one of the reasons that I was able to heal from my childhood hurts at such a young age was because I had people praying for me.  Sometimes when we are outside of someone's circumstance, we are able to see what they need better than they can see it and we need to pray over those needs.  Ephesians 6:18 tells us to pray for all believers everywhere and I know this means to even pray for those who we don't even know.  How often do we pray for the believers in countries like China where they are risking their lives to worship God?  How often do we pray for the believers in Africa that are suffering from HIV/AIDS and starvation?  How often are we praying for the church that is struggling with dissension?  Please read Jude 1.

You just read the entire book of Jude!  It is a short book; however, it is one that cannot be ignored.  Sometimes the smaller things in life pack the greatest punch, and Jude gives us wisdom that is worded strongly and we believers must listen.  Jude warns of the dangers of how certain unbelievers can cause division within the church and the answer Jude gives to the temptations that we face is prayer.  Jude 1:20 reminds us to build each other up in the faith and to pray in the Spirit.  I believe the very things we need to pray over are the temptations and trials the believer faces and to pray against dissension.  When we see a fellow believer struggling, we need to pray - it does no good to talk about it to others.

The last eight weeks I have been looking at what it means to put on the armor of God.  One of the most powerful ways that we use our armor is when we are praying for each other.  We can go into our prayers before God with the confidence that He listens to our prayers when we pray in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus.  This is what our armor is for.  We pray for healing, protection, and provision over each other.  We are so much more effective when we work together as one body in Christ.  1 Corinthians 12:12-26 explains how we are one body and when one suffers we all suffer.  We also see that when one believer is rejoicing, we can all rejoice.  We need to pray for this unity within the body of Christ - for all believers.  Pray for the believers you don't even know.  On the right side of my blog is a widget from the Joshua Project.  Everyday there is a new ethnic group represented so we can pray that they come to know Christ.  We can also pray for the believers within that ethnic group as well.  Let's pray for each other.

Are you praying for fellow believers?

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