Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Praying In the Spirit

Ephesians 6:18

I love my job!  I work as a ministry assistant at the same church that my husband is the children's pastor.  I work as the ministry assistant for groups and outreach.  The outreach portion of my job has allowed me to meet people who are serving God around the world.  I love hearing their stories of how God is moving in the lives of the people they are working with.  One day, the Holy Spirit laid a person that I had met from Africa on my heart and that I needed to pray for him.  My husband and I were praying together later and I mentioned to him that we needed to pray for this man.  The Holy Spirit revealed to my husband that we needed to pray for his blood.  Not understanding what that meant, we prayed for healing of his blood.  The next day, I learned that he was sick with malaria but he was getting better.  We were amazed at the direction the Holy Spirit had taken our prayers!  Please turn to Ephesians 6:18.

Ephesians 6:18 tells us to "pray in the Spirit."  What does that mean?  As I did a little research, I found that the word in Greek translated as "in" can also mean by or with.  It is amazing how one word can give a different view, because the idea of praying with the Spirit or by the Spirit seems a little different to me.  I look at it to mean following the Holy Spirit's lead on what to pray and also that we are praying with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Just like the story of my husband and I praying for someone halfway around the world (and my husband has never even met him), the Spirit will lay someone on our hearts to pray for.  Sometimes we remember that we should be praying before we go into a situation such as an important meeting and it is often because the Holy Spirit reminds us to pray.

I have learned to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit and when I feel strongly to pray for someone, I pray.  When someone pops into my mind, I pray for them.  That happens often, and every now and then I'll find out why.  One time I found out the person I was praying for (who I hadn't seen in 17 years) was sick with cancer.  I usually have no idea why I am praying, but the Spirit does.  Please turn to Romans 8:26-28.  The Spirit prays for us according to God's will.  We have that Spirit living in us; please look up Romans 8:11, 15-16.  It seems that with the Holy Spirit living in us, this gives us a whole new dimension to how we pray.  Please look up Jude 1:20.  Once again, this verse tells us to "pray in the Spirit," but the way the New Living Translation words it is, "pray in the power of the Spirit."  The Greek doesn't use the word "power," but I still like the wording because it reminds us that the Spirit is powerful.  This is the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwelling in us and praying with (and for) us!  We can know that we have power in our prayers and the Spirit can lead us to pray for who needs prayer.

Are you relying on the power of the Holy Spirit in your prayer life?  Are you following His lead?

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