Monday, June 20, 2011

What Is Prayer?

Ephesians 6:10-18

I cannot believe that I have already gone through and looked at each piece of armor in the Armor of God; the time has gone by so fast!  God has shown me some new things through studying the armor and I feel like it has help to strengthen my prayer life.  I love the fact that when we are in the Bible regularly, we will not walk away the same person as we were before we started.  God's Word is is life and is active!  It has been a week since I have read through the entire section of scripture that teaches us about the Armor of God, so I want to read through it again to remind me of where I left off.  Please look up Ephesians 6:10-18.

I am focusing on verse 18, which concludes the teaching of the Armor of God by telling us to pray.  The first half of the verse tells us to pray in the Spirit on all occasions, and the second half tells us to pray for all the believers.  How do we always pray?  First, I want to look at the verse in the King James version because I like the way it is worded compared to the Greek.  I think that we need to remember that prayer can take on many forms throughout the day.  What my husband and I have told our children that prayer is talking to God, but that is a little short-sighted because we are also to spend time listening to Him as well.  I spend time in prayer in the morning to prep myself for the day.  It is at this time that I pray for my children and husband and that I pray that God would guide me throughout the day.  It is here where I feel that I put on my armor so I can be ready for the day.

Throughout the day, I often find myself having little prayers.  These prayers can range from needing guidance to needing help to praise.  Sometimes, these are the moments that seem more intimate because I know I can come to Him at any time with whatever I need to talk about.  I pray before I read the Bible and write my blog posts because I want to grow and learn every day and I want nothing but God's truth written in my posts.  Sometimes I find myself venting about a difficult situation and He begins to soften my attitude and correct my judgement of the situation.  Then there are times when I am absolutely desperate for more time alone with Him and I shut myself in my bedroom and close my eyes just to be with Him.  I don't always say anything, but we are together.  Other times I schedule huge blocks of time in my day to spend with Him, but I'm not necessarily speaking a prayer during that entire time.

The more I spend time in prayer, the more I want to pray.  God wants to spend time with us and He wants us to bring everything to Him.  Even if it seems too trivial to bring before our maker, if it a concern of ours God wants to hear about it.  God loves us and desires to be with us more than we can comprehend and I think that we humans have made prayer so formal that we have forgotten that it is also intimate.  I am not saying that there is anything wrong with a formal or even written prayer - Jesus gave us a guide through the Lord's Prayer.  I'm just saying that we also need to embrace the prayers that are heartfelt and in our own words.

Are you spending time talking with God?

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