Friday, June 17, 2011

The Word Through Prayer

John 15:7-8

I have a friend who has memorized a lot of scripture.  In fact, she knows so much scripture that she uses it to encourage others and to remind herself of what she should be doing as a Christian.  She has used scripture to test what she has been told by others to see if it is God's truth.  But I think the most powerful way she uses scripture is to use it in prayer.  It is pretty amazing to pray with her to hear her praying the Bible into my life or the lives of people we love.  She prays scripture over difficult situations and she prays scripture to lift praise to God.  To me, that is using the Word of God as a great sword!  Please look up John 15:7-8.

What a wonderful promise that Christ left us!  This takes me back, once again, to the importance of memorizing scripture.  If we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can as for anything!  It is important to remember that we need to be in Him; meaning that we are following His will for our lives and not our will.  I believe that it boils down to the fact that when we are in Him and His word is in us, we will be asking for what pleases Him and is His will.  There is one more important thing to note with praying; please look up John 15:16.  We need to be praying in the Name of Jesus; the power in our prayer is because of His Name.

These are some scripture I have used in my prayers as I am praying for myself, my family, my co-workers, and my friends:

When you are facing fear or very difficult situations, the book of Psalms has many prayers that you can lift up to God.  Sometimes scripture tells us what to pray for and we become encouraged by the words that scripture gives us when we are praying.  God has given us promises that we can pray over our lives.  Sometimes the situations seem so much bigger than we know how to pray and scripture gives us the words we need to bring to God.  I don't speak scripture into most of my prayers, but I believe there is great power in praying the Word!

Do you use the power in the Word of God for your prayers?

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