Friday, July 29, 2011


2 Peter 2:6-9

My husband and I have moved quite a bit in our marriage.  When my husband was a music teacher, some of our moves were forced on us because he didn't have tenure in the school district and budget cuts forced him out of a job.  When my husband went into ministry, we have had moves where we knew God was sending us to a new place.  I have to admit that there were times when we were in ministry when I was comfortable where we were and was willing to obey and go, but I wasn't necessarily happy about it.  In every move, I saw that God was with us in every change and had called us to a new place.  It was in moving forward when He said to "go" that we got to experience God in a new way and were blessed unexpectantly.  Moving wasn't always easy and sometimes painful; however, we have always been able to see the good that God had planned for our lives after following Him in obedience.  We have always grown as a result of following God, but sometimes He was rescuing us from potentially bad situations.  Please turn to 2 Peter 2:6-9.

Yesterday, I looked at the example Peter wrote about Noah, and today I am looking at part of Lot's story when he lived in Sodom.  Please turn to Genesis 19:1-30 to read the story that Peter is referencing.  There are a couple of things that have stood out to me as I have read both sections of scripture.  The first is that  Peter points out in 2 Peter that Lot was tormented by the wickedness of the place he was living in and that God rescued him.  The interesting thing is that even though Lot was tormented, he continued to live there because it was home.  When reading the account in Genesis 19, I noticed that even though Lot hesitated God literally pulled him out of the city by the hand in order to rescue Lot.  It reminds me that when God wants us to move, it is for our good.  He either wants to take us to a place of greater growth or He is saving us from a bad situation.  It is interesting to see that Lot hesitated even though he knew that God was going to destroy the place because it was his home.  We can be in a bad situation, but because it is familiar to us we can be hesitant to leave.

One more thing that I noticed is that God wanted Lot to go to flee to the mountains and Lot asked God to allow him to go to Zoar.  God allowed him to go there; however, Lot eventually ended up in the mountains anyway because he was afraid of the environment of Zoar.  Lot was sure that the little village would be better for his family than the mountains, but he learned that the mountains were best.  We can think we know what is better when God tells us to do something, but God always knows what is best.

Whether or not we are ready, Peter reminds us that God knows how to rescue those who follow Him from their trials.  No matter what is going on around us because of man's disobedience, God is with us.  We have personally experienced God's protection when in a bad environment.  Even though the environment was oppressive and at times harmful, we can look back and see God's hand of protection during that time and also how He pulled us out and took us to a new place.

Are you willing to trust God's protection?  Are you willing to let go of what you think is best in order to obey and go where God is leading you?

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