Friday, July 22, 2011

Princess For a Day

Since I had already posted one post last week for week 3, I thought I'd even out the weeks again by posting a "Simple Saturday" post today.  Thanks to my husband's wonderful parents, our family got to go to Disney World in Florida with the rest of my husband's family, which is part of the reason that my weeks got a bit messed up.  This was my first visit to Disney, so it was quite an experience and I have to say that when they say it is "magical" in the commercials they are not exaggerating.  Disney has created an escape where families as a whole (not just the kids or just the parents) can enjoy every experience.  One of the wonderful things that my daughter experienced was the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique in Downtown Disney.

My daughter's aunt and uncle treated her to a princess makeover at the boutique where she had her hair, makeup and nails done by a Fairy Godmother.  It was so much fun watching her get treated with so much attention and care and being told that she was special.  She sat in the chair and had her French braid taken out carefully as she was being complemented on her pretty hair and nails.  Her fairy Godmother let her pick out a hairdo and began to work on it with much care.  Another Fairy Godmother came over to work on her nails and makeup and asked her what colors she would like to wear.  Her picture was taken by the "royal photographer" the entire time she was in the chair.  She even had a tiara put on her head to wear with her fancy hairdo and had "pixie dust" sprinkled in her hair.  It was absolutely precious to watch her feel special and be treated with such care.  For the rest of the day, whenever a Disney employee saw her they would address her as "princess" - even as we were getting off the elevator back at the resort!  It was a magical time in the boutique and in the park that day!

Then we returned home to our reality and went to church.  In church, our pastor showed a picture of two precious little girls who were dirty, alone, and living under a bridge somewhere in India.  They were clinging to each other because that was all they had.  He put the word "worthless" up on the screen over their picture and explained that in India they were considered worthless.  Worthless because they were girls; worthless because their parents didn't want them.  God's precious creation was being given the message that they were unimportant and unlovable.  It broke my heart to see such an incredible contrast and it was all I could do to keep myself from bursting out in tears.  Those little girls are just as precious and special as my little girl and they should have a chance to have their hair done up pretty and wear a tiara and be called princess all day.  The unfairness of it all shook me to the core.

I want to take them in my arms and tell them how I am a princess of the King of Kings and that they are not worthless.  I desperately want them to know how valued and loved they are by God and that they can be His little princesses too.  I want them to know that the hope we have in Christ is better than anything this world has to offer.  I want them to feel loved.

I do not begrudge my daughter's moment to be a princess for a day, in fact I am so happy that she got to experience that day.  I do mourn that many more girls do not get tucked in by their mom every evening because of this broken world we live in.  I mourn that even here in America, we have little girls that are abused, mistreated and told they are worthless.  We can not keep God to ourselves!  There is a hurting world that needs to know that there is so much more to this life than making it through the day.  There is a hurting world that needs to know that they are special to God.  Let us share the light that God has put in our hearts.  (2 Peter 1:19, Philippians 2:14-16)


  1. What a powerful contrast, Sharon. How I wish for those two little girls to somehow find out the truth about who they can be in Jesus. I guess we just need to do and be our best so that the ones that Jesus has placed within our reach can know. Greg McClain

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Very powerful and moving!

  3. I agree, this is a powerful contrast. So sad to think about how low humans can sink in their treatment of each other when they refuse to acknowledge the one, true God. I'm so thankful I know Him!

  4. It is very sad indeed for those little girls. The AWANA club program is an international organization that reaches boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and trains them to serve Him. I have adopted three clubs to support. Very thought provoking post!

  5. I so agree... In God's eyes all his girls are princesses... Thank you for giving me a lot to ponder.

  6. Popping over from the Best of 2011 blog hop (A Pause On the Path) - What a striking contrast that is. It really makes you stop and think about all the blessings we have and what others are lacking. Thanks for the reminder to pray for those in need - and help if possible!


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