Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Is Your Story?

2 Peter 1:16-18

My husband has a story about a sight he saw while on a road trip and I know him well enough to know that when he is telling the story he is telling the truth.  While he was driving on the freeway (I don't remember where) he was approaching an overpass and saw a motorcyclist on the overpass.  That doesn't sound too exciting except that the motorcyclist was not sitting on his motorcycle, he was STANDING on the motorcycle while it was driving down the road.  My husband says that it was so distracting that he almost got in a car accident because he couldn't believe what he was seeing.  He later found out that there was a police force that was known to do motorcycle tricks for parades and whatnot and he probably saw someone that was on that force.  Needless to say, it is so fun hearing him tell the story with all his passion and excitement because he knows what he saw and experienced and he loves sharing it with other people.  Please look up 2 Peter 1:16-18.

Peter is recalling a time when he and John and James witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus.  Please look up Matthew 17:1-9 to read what Peter is referring to.  Peter is explaining that it more than just stories that he is telling; he saw Christ with his very own eyes and heard the voice of God saying that He was His son.  Peter had great passion for what he was teaching because he knew that he was teaching truth and he wanted to see others come to know the truth as well.  For those of us who have a relationship with Christ, we also have a story that we can share to explain how we know that Christ is real.

I have never seen Christ face to face; however, I have experienced Him in very real ways on many occasions.  I have experienced His love in the way He has healed me and made me whole and I have experienced His amazing provision.  For example, my husband and I are currently experiencing tight finances because we have been unable to sell our home in another state since moving almost two years ago.  During that time we have been able to pay our bills even in months where it seemed that it would be impossible.  Somehow (I cannot always explain how) God stretched our dollars and made it work.  This summer, we were given a car at a time when we desperately needed one and we were given an incredible trip to Disney from my husband's parents that we would not have been able to do with our current finances.  God has not only provided our needs, but He has also provided fun.  This is only a small example of how I have experienced Christ.  Christ reveals Himself to us in ways that are very real to us and that is how we can share with others why we know that He is real.

How have you experienced Christ?  What drew you to Him?  What is your story with Christ?

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