Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Choose To Forget

2 Peter 3:3-7

Eternal Flame Falls
I live in an area in Western New York that is absolutely beautiful. I look around and there is no way I could say that all this variety and beauty came by chance. If I drive just a few miles south, there are foothills and if I go to the county park just a few miles away from my home there is a small canyon. When you follow the creek through the canyon you will come to a 30 foot waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a little grotto with some cracks in the floor that emit natural gas that burns as a flame. It is a beautiful walk to get to the spot (the kids love it because they get wet from creeking) and a very popular hike in the area. This area is also loaded with fossils and there is a nature preserve about two miles from our house where you can find fossils laying all over area without looking too hard. I find the fossils interesting because there are fossils of creatures that are extinct such as the trilobite (which my son was desperate to find). Who knows how or why they are there - the guides say it is because the area used to be a shallow tropical sea. Maybe it was from the flood. There are those that would say that fossils are evidence of evolution; however, I say it shows even more evidence of an extremely creative God. 2 Peter 3:3-7 addresses the problem with forgetting who God is.

Yesterday, I wrote how Peter was reminding us of the good things of God and of what the prophets said. Today, Peter's tone is a little harsher as he tells us that there will be those who will try to put doubts in our heads about the coming of Christ. This is why it is so important to remember what we have learned in the Bible because the pressure we face in the world can be strong. Just because others laugh at the ideas of God doesn't mean that they are not real.

The other thing that Peter wrote about is the fact that there will be those who "deliberately forget" that God created the world by His command and also destroyed it with a flood. The phrase deliberately forget really has struck a chord with me. The Greek word translated as deliberately is thelō which means to be resolved or determined. It can also mean to take delight in [something]. The Greek word for forget is lanthanō which means hidden or unaware. To me, this implies that the people Peter is writing about are people who once knew that God created the world and they have purposefully set it aside and kept it hidden from their thoughts. This shows that they made a choice to turn away from God, which is probably why Peter reminds us that the day of judgement really is coming whether or not they want to believe it.

This may seem harsh; however, I ask that you stay with me this week because Peter writes about a patient and loving God within all these warnings. The warnings are for both us and those who have chosen to walk away. For us so that we understand what we are doing if we were to choose to forget who our God is. For those who have walked away and kept God hidden from their thoughts (although they are not hidden from His thoughts) they are warned so they can come back. Stick through this chapter so you can see the hope we have to look forward to and the immense love God has for the entire world.

Do you choose to remember your Creator?

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  1. I just finished dissecting these passages myself! I found this passage to be such a great example of how much God truly does love us. Without free will, and the choice to walk away, we would never have the choice to fully choose to be present with God in relationship with Him. I felt that this reminder was also a great challenge to remember live each day as if Jesus IS coming soon, the busyness of daily life gets in the way of this for me.

  2. Hi Sharon. I'm here from the iFellowship Blog Hop. I love this post and so appreciate that you are using your space on the web to teach scripture. Yes, God is so patient and loving. Even when we turn our backs, He is faithful and woos us back to Him.

    Thank you for the wise words this morning. Have a blessed day!


  3. I definitely choose to remember God! He is such an awesome God! Thank you for sharing this! Also, thank you for stopping by and visiting!


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