Friday, August 12, 2011

True Water

Peter 2:17-19

Water is important to humans and all of nature.  In my opinion, water is probably the greatest source of life on this planet.  Is there anything living that doesn't depend on water?  There are plants that are drought resistant; however, even they need some water.  We have seen the effects on both humans and the ecosystem when there is a lack of water.  We have seen how severe droughts have caused many people to die because there was no food.  We have seen majestic forests burned to the ground because everything was so dry as a result of drought.  I am currently gardening vegetables in containers and they have an even greater need for water because there is no deeper source of water for their roots to seek out.  The other day, there was a mist but no rain and because of where my containers are placed, they remained completely dry.  Peter uses a couple of word pictures for us to see the problem with false teachers.  Please look up 2 Peter 2:17-19.

Peter tells us that the false teachers that he had just compared to Balaam are the equivalent as a dried up spring of water or a mist blown away in the wind.  Think about that word picture for a moment.  Have you ever seen a dried up river?  When my family spent two weeks traveling throughout the state of Arizona, we saw many dried up rivers that were called "washes."  Basically, because the ground is so dry and they get so little rain, when there is a heavy rain it collects in these spots and run like a river or a spring.  However, they don't last long and before you know it, they are a dried up spring again.  In some spots, the road is built right in their path for the water to run over the road, but at other washes a small bridge is built over it.  When we would approach such a bridge, my kids would look out the van's windows expecting to see a river in the middle of the desert to be disappointed that it was a wash.

That is the picture that Peter gives us.  A false teacher looks like the real thing far off, but the closer you examine their words and life you see that they are all dried up.  It is like digging a well only to find the spring dried up.  They will not lead you to the eternal life you are seeking.  I find it very interesting that Peter used this word picture because Jesus referred to Himself as living water.  Please look up John 4:9-14.  Jesus explains that the only way to get living water is through Him.  This is the water that gives us life - eternal life.  Please look up Jeremiah 2:12-14.  God is showing that He is the living water and that to turn away from that living water is a sin. Do not follow what looks like a river when we know that Jesus is the only true source of living water.  If anyone else claims to do so, they are a false teacher.

Are you seeking the true source of living water, or are you following a dried up spring?

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