Friday, October 14, 2011

Powerful Prayer

Ephesians 3:14-21

When I went back and reviewed what I posted yesterday, I had to laugh at myself because I started out talking about the importance of praying through scripture and ended with God being our heavenly ancestor.  That is what happens when I get excited and about what I am learning and forget to edit (which happens a lot).  Thank you for following my often scattered thoughts.  Either way, reading through it again got me excited about the idea of bearing the name of our Creator because He is our eternal ancestor.  I promise that I will focus today on praying through these verses for ourselves and our loved ones, so let's dig in!  Please read Ephesians 3:14-21.

I am going to do what seems nearly impossible and try to cover this prayer in one post to show you why this is such a powerful prayer that all believers should be praying over each other.  Verse 17 shows Paul praying for the believers to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.  If you have been with me from the beginning of this study, you should remember that the church in Ephesus got to witness the power of the Holy Spirit and the difference between power that comes from God and an incantation.  They have seen it and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit for themselves, yet Paul is still praying it over them.  I think this is a good reminder that we are to be praying that we are working in the power of the Holy Spirit daily because it is too easy to go off on our own and rely on our own strength.

I love verse 17 because it talks of Jesus making His home in our hearts.  Paul wrote about this earlier in Ephesians about how God makes our heart habitable for Christ (see this post).  Then Paul writes about the fact the our roots will then grow down into God's love and keep us strong.  This is such a wonderful word picture that is introduced to us in the Old Testament.  David writes about being like a tree planted by water in Psalm 1, and we know that Jesus is our access to living water.  We cannot stop bad things from happening to ourselves and our loved ones; however, we can pray that our roots grow deep so when the storms come we will not be blown over.  After praying about rooted in God's love, Paul prays for understanding of how wide, long, high, and deep God's love is.  I think that the more our roots spread out in His love, the more we will begin to understand it.  What I know for myself is that the more rooted I am in His love, the more I realize that there is to learn about His love.  Paul even prays that we can experience the love of Christ even though it is too great for a human to completely comprehend.  It is when we allow the love of Christ to take a hold of our hearts we will experience the fullness of life and power that comes from God.  The love of Christ will compel us to serve alongside Him in His power and not our own.

Paul then reminds us that all the glory goes to God because He can accomplish more in our lives than we can even imagine.  What an amazing reminder!  We can think that we know what is best for ourselves and tell God what we need; however, He can think of things that our imagination cannot even reach.  God wants to do a creative and powerful work in your life!  This is why I pray this prayer over myself and family.  I cannot comprehend His love, but I want to understand it more.  I cannot do things on my own; I want to serve God with Him as my partner because He is the One with the power to do all things.  I want to know God more and I want all this for my family.  All of this is to bring God glory.  Whew!  I put it in one post even though I think this would make a great study in and of itself.

Are you praying through the power of God's Word for you and those you love?

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  1. Sharon,
    This prayer is "my" prayer for me and my ministry and all the people. I just love it! May God surprise you with something so special that even you didn´t yourself know that you needed it.

  2. Thank you Mari-Anna...there is nothing more powerful than praying scripture!

  3. Such a beautiful prayer, and I agree there is nothing more powerful than praying scripture. Thank you for sharing.


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