Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Persevering Prayer

Ephesians 6:18-20

Today, I struggled in my prayer time because I found myself perseverating on something that was bothering me and the thing that was more annoying was that it really wasn't that big of an issue.  I was ashamed because that was my time with God and I felt like I wasted it.  But, I kept trying to go back and focus on praying.  Then God reminded me that He doesn't waste anything and He guided me to pray about the situation and let it go.  I found it incredibly ironic that the very day that I would be studying about prayer I would be struggling during my prayer time.  When we have a lot going on in life, we can often find ourselves skipping prayer time or not focusing during our prayer time.  But those are the times when we need to be in prayer and giving it to God.  Please turn to Ephesians 6:18-20.

We are reminded in these verse the importance of praying - always praying.  But, I want to make a quick note that we are told to "pray in the Spirit," which makes me think that we are not necessarily praying what we want but we are praying what God wants.  I'm not saying that we can never give our desires to God in prayer; we are told to give everything to God in prayer which would include the things that we desire.  I think that this verse in particular is speaking the importance of praying with the Spirit, which is going to guide to be praying God's will.  We are told to pray for all believers everywhere, which is something that I usually forget to do.  I pray for my friends and family; however, I often forget to pray for the believers I never met who are facing political upheaval or persecution.  Paul asks for prayer himself, which reminds me the importance to pray for our pastors and other spiritual leaders.  They have sacrificed to follow God's call on their lives and they face a lot of opposition and need prayer for direction and guidance.

The thing that really struck me this morning was the phrase, "stay alert and be persistent in your prayers..."  When I looked up the Greek, I found the word translated as persistent is the word proskarter─ôsis.  This word is translated as perseverance, which means to continue to do something even if it is difficult or if you are facing opposition.  It made me think of my prayers this morning and how I was having difficulties in focusing.  We are told that even when it is hard to pray, we are to continue praying.  This verse in particular is referring to the fact that we are to continue praying for all the believers no matter what.

We are all part of one body and when a part of the body suffers, we all suffer.  We may not feel like we are effected by the difficulties someone around the world is facing but the body as a whole is effected.  We may not see direct and immediate effects, but they will eventually trickle down to every believer.  We need to be alert to what other believers are going through around the world and  praying for the body as a whole no matter what.

Are you praying with perseverance?  Are you praying for all believers?  Are you praying for spiritual leaders?

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  1. thanks for this post! we must persevere in our prayer! I am reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and it is dealing with prayer. such an important topic for Christians to dig into! I also see Not A Fan on your sidebar. Loved that book! I'm teaching it in Sunday School right now. amazing... And, I don't think I knew you were a children's pastor's wife! how fun. :) me too!

  2. I so appreciate your perspective on prayer today. It ministered to my soul!

    By His Grace,

  3. Jenilee - I like Mark Batterson's books, I'll have to read that one! I'm trying to get some groups going with Not A Fan at our church...are you using the group curriculum? If so, is the curriculum helpful?

    Lisa - Thank you...I'm glad God used this to minister to you. :)


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