Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Attitude of Christ

Philippians 2:5-11

I don't know about you, but humility can be difficult for me.  When I feel like I'm being treated unfairly the ugly monster of pride sneaks out and wants to take over.  It is in those moments when I do something I later regret or say something that I wish I could take back.  Pride betrays me every time I entertain it and yet I find myself going to visit pride from time to time.  Pride doesn't necessarily mean that you feel you are better than everyone else, but pride definitely makes you feel that you deserve better.  Pride is not part of the attitude of Christ and pride was definitely not a part of the Word becoming flesh and living among us.  Please read Philippians 2:5-11.

Picture the Creator of everything creating the world to enjoy.  Picture Him creating humans so He can interact with them and enjoy their companionship.  Now picture the pain He must have felt when humans betrayed Him and followed their own desires and yet He spared them.  Imagine the Creator setting aside for Him a people that are His treasured possession on whom He wants to pour out His love.  Once again, imagine the pain He felt when His special possession chose to worship other gods who are not even real rather than worshiping their very own Creator.  God could have destroyed everything and started over; however, that is not what He did.  The King of Kings didn't allow His position to create a wall between us and Him; instead, He humbled Himself and allowed the risk of rejection by coming to earth to live among us.

The attitude of Christ was not about getting what was due Him; rather, it was about love and humility.  It really is amazing that our Creator didn't think it was more important to display His glory and majesty; He felt it was more important to remind us and show us how much He loved us.  Pride would never have allowed that! He exercised humility by coming as a human to earth knowing full well that many people would not believe Him.  He risked total rejection to give us a chance for salvation.  He could have come in a way that no one would deny His Lordship; however, He chose to live among us.  He chose to come as the very thing that He created rather than coming as the Creator.  He came to a world that is wounded, broken, and full of pain in order to display the greatest act of love this world will ever witness.

So, when I feel the need to get what I deserve through the ugliness of pride I need to remember that Christ did not come to get what was due to Him; He came to take the punishment I earned.  That is the attitude of Christ, and that is the attitude He wants to see in us.  Humility never betrays because when I respond with an attitude of humility, I show Christ's love rather than self-love.

Do you display the humility of our Creator coming to earth as a human?

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  1. Humility is definitely NOT one of my strong points! A good reminder - thank you!

  2. What a good post! Jesus is truly amazing and Christians are His ambassadors so we must reflect his character.


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