Saturday, December 17, 2011

Memory Verse #24!

James 1:5-6

I cannot believe that I just typed "Memory Verse #24!"  This has been quite a journey throughout the year as I experienced God's Word truly doing an active work in my heart.  I began this as a challenge that Beth Moore issued on her blog to plant God's Word in our hearts, but it has been so life changing that I do not want to stop.  With that said, my small group has begun Beth Moore's new Bible study on the book of James and she encourages (not requires) participants to memorize the book of James over a period of five months.  I have no idea if I will have it done in five months (although I will try), but that is my focus as I approach the new year.  So, without further ado, I introduce you to my last memory verses of 2012:  James 1:5-6.

Verse 5 has always been an encouraging verse to me because I want to have wisdom to know how to behave, respond (not react), and live as a child of God.  This is a promise that if we ask God for wisdom we can trust that He will give it to us.  I believe that wisdom is a gift that God gives freely, yet it should be highly treasured.    And this verse also tells us that God will never rebuke us for asking for wisdom because this is the kind of gift that God delights in giving us.

Verse 6 is warning and a piece of wisdom handed down to us when James tells us not to waver in our belief of God.  We are given a word picture of a wave tossed about by the wind.  If we allow ourselves to be tossed about in our belief, we will be like the picture above and eventually crash onto shore or into an obstacle such as the picture above.  Stand firm and believe that what God says is truth.

Do you believe and ask God for wisdom?

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  1. James has much wisdom about wisdom...the verse I memorized years ago is James 3:17. It helped me make daily decisions during the years I taught school. Thanks for this blog.

  2. I have asked Him for wisdom many times. I believe He has answered those prayers. Thank you for blogging on this important subject.


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