Monday, December 12, 2011

Only God Is Creator

Genesis 1

I am starting my third week of my "Only God" study, where I am looking at how we could declare, "Only God!" in our lives.  The first week I explored how God is really the only god and last week I studied how only God is our provider.  This week, I want to look at how only God is our Creator.  I am blessed to work at a church, where sitting right across from me is a pastor who used to teach at a seminary, so I attempt to glean as much information as I can from him.  He told me something very interesting about a speculation as to why God has the creation story in the Bible, but it was over a month ago so hopefully I'm remembering it correctly.  He said that when God had Moses write the first five books of the Bible, they were surrounded by poly-theistic societies, meaning that they worshiped several deities.  Even the culture they left behind in Egypt had different gods the Egyptians recognized.  So, when God declared Himself the Creator of everything, He was establishing the fact that He was the Most High God in addition to being the only God.  I thought that was interesting.  Please read the creation story found in Genesis 1.

I grew up in the church and went to a parochial school, so I have heard the creation story countless times; however, I love reading the story in the Bible!  It seems that I am reminded of something each time I read it.  If you are like me and have heard and read the story more times that you can remember, try reading it in a different version from what you normally read to get a fresh perspective.  If you use the link I created for Genesis 1, it will take you to, where you can choose any version you would like to read from.

When you read through the account of creation, you don't get details on it everything except that God spoke everything into existence.  I don't know about you, but it amazes me that God is so powerful that He spoke everything into existence.  He didn't need anything other than His spoken word.  I am always humbled and amazed when I think of the power of His Word and His amazing creativity.  This morning, as I am typing this out I am next to a table in my living room that has a Christmas cactus and violets on the top.  The contrast between the two both in looks and type of flower and even the difference between their need for watering shows His amazing creativity.  Looking out my window, I am seeing a huge variety of trees and plants with a creek running through it covered lightly with snow.  How did God think of all this?  It makes me want to worship Him all the more.

When was the last time you exalted God as Creator of everything?  When was the last time you allowed yourself to be amazed by His creativity and power?

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  1. A few weeks ago my husband and I spent several days in Yosemite National Park -- one of our favorite places to be! When we entered the park, and saw the fall coloring of the trees against the backdrop of the steel grey of the chiseled rocks, I was so struck by God's creation that I cried. (I'm not joking...tears actually spilled down my cheeks!) It was an incredible feeling to realize that God had made it all. God's artistry is an incredible blessing!

    Living for Him, Joan

  2. I can relate, Joan! I am often moved to tears when I see God's creation. He amazes me!


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